Grace Life Skills is an affiliate of Life Skills International. We provide a group therapy setting where the research and life of Dr. Paul Hegstrom and his family is used to help each participant to discover how the pain of their past is still making decisions for them today. The anger that comes from the actual and perceived painful experiences of life, must be processed so that we replace the believed lies of trauma that keep us from experiencing healthy relationships. Our hope is that a participant will use the tools that are presented to effectively re-wire the memories of traumatic abuse.

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Pain that keeps getting in the way…

What is Life Skills?

Is this learning to sew and pay my bills on time? No, Life Skills is not a home economics class. Life Skills International is a mental and emotional health healing program.

Life Skills International

So Far, We Have Helped Over 200,000 People…Let Us Help You. Life Skills International was founded in 1985 by Dr. Paul and Judy Hegstrom.

Loving Truth Counseling

At Loving Truth Counseling we offer Gospel centered Biblical Counseling for individuals, marriages, and families.

Class Locations

Grace Life Skills has multiple locations where men and women’s groups meet. Men and Women meet at separate times.