Learning To Let Go

We think that our past is behind us; however, if we are repeating patterns of addiction, triggers, anger issues, or communication problems, then our past isn’t behind us – it is controlling us.
We must learn how our brain processes information so that we can slow that process down and take back control of our lives. If we begin to feel in control of our own life, then we don’t have to control the people around us. We can feel safe and let others be who they are while we control who we are.
The desire to control our environment and the people around us begins when we are very young. It develops when we feel that we don’t have much control over our own life, so we create coping skills to help us through life. If there is chaos, fear, unhealthy parental guidance, trauma, abuse, losses, or even the absence of parenting, to name a few, then we develop survival skills that keep up alive and safe. The problem is that we don’t let go of the coping mechanisms as we grow up and become adults. Our subconscious hangs on – believing the old messages we received in our childhood and believing that we need to live in protection mode. The beginning of changing these old belief systems is to let go of the old and learn new options.
We were meant to learn to process the pain and let go. Life Skills will teach you to slow down the process so that we can make choices for our life instead of making reactive decisions. One of the first steps in healthy processing is learning to let go.